Employee engagement starts with shared meaning

With Thriving Mindset, you’ll learn to think beyond what your employees can do for your organization. When organizations start emphasizing what they can do to offer their people meaningful work, powerful change and opportunities begin to take shape. Thriving Mindset provides a step by step process through which organizations and leaders can begin to offer their employees meaningful work.

Step One

Identify Employee Mindsets. Leaders train with a Thriving Mindset leadership facilitator and learn how to identify employee mindsets.

Step Two

Connect with employees according to their current mindset. Support employees with the right resources including resiliency-based soft skills and competency-based hard skills.

Step Three

Build a strong relationship with your employees allowing them to share their personal values, be their true self, and discuss their internal drivers and strengths.

Powerful Change is Possible
When employees feel their work has meaning, powerful change and opportunities begin to take shape.
For Organizations
The right organizational culture

Salaries, bonuses and promotions don’t lead to employee engagement. People want to work for an organization that allows them to be their true self, is willing to invest in their growth and offers them meaningful work.

Offer your employees a thriving organizational culture that empowers your team to approach leadership in a new way.

For Managers
Connect with employees

Connect with employees using the Thriving Mindset leadership style and build productive, self-directed and collaborative teams.

Leaders play a critical role in employee well-being and engagement. Go beyond transactional leadership. Understand the intrinsic motivations of your employees. Leverage their strengths. Develop an individualized approach to leadership and inspire your employees to do great things.

Engaged employees bring their best to work every day.

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